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The Final in Lubrication and Coverage. Authentic Chain Lube makes use of the contemporary generation to create a singular idea in chain lubrication. The dry, just about clear movie, which in fact seals the chain is wealthy with P.T.F.E. fluoropolymer resin and moly which offer unequaled lubrication. This Awesome lubrication leads to prolonged lifetime of the chain and sprockets. Not like conventional “sticky” lubes, the solvents in Chain Lube evaporate temporarily leaving a versatile movie, which repels water and dust. This different movie additionally supplies long run Coverage in opposition to rust. A series lubricated with Chain Lube will run cooler, smoother, quieter and last more. Incorporates P.T.F.E. Moly for Awesome Lubrication Dries Speedy No SlingOff Formulation Dyeless Formulation Wont Stain White Paint Repels Filth Water Excellent Rust Coverage For Use On ORing Same old Chains 50State VOC Compliant

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