Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit Set Price: $39.99 (as of 22/10/2019 12:16 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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BIKE HAND Instrument Kit
together with 13 items:

Cartridge B.B. tool
Cotterlss crank extractor
Pink tire levers
Chain rivet extractor
Lockring remover
Freewheel turner
8mm he key wrench
Hub cone spanner thirteen/14/15/16mm set of 2 items (YC-152)
Flat/ philips screwdriver
8mm/10mm spanner
Folding Instrument -2/three/four/five/6mm hex key wrench, flat/philips screwdriver
spoke wrench 10G-15G
patch kit
Made in Taiwan, Nice high quality Instrument equipment

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