CarboPro INTERPHASE Premium Protein Powder, French Vanilla 2.64 lbs

Rebuild, Repair & Prevent Catabolism
Prevent Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness
Increase Stress Tolerance

Every 50 gram serving of RRR supplies 34 grams of a formidable and powerful mixture of un-denatured proteins of their local shape: fifty five% Ion-alternate crossflow membrane un-denatured, instantized whey protein isolate for FAST-RELEASE. 21% Extremely-filtered, un-denatured, instantized, loose-flowing micellar casein for SLOW-RELEASE. 21% Extremely-filtered un-denatured, instantized milk protein isolate for MEDIUM-RELEASE. three% Peptides of BCAA and Glutamine. (Offering a TOTAL of greater than 4g of Leucine and 5g of Glutamine according to serving). SUGGESTED USE: INTERPHASE REPAIR REBUILD RECOVER can be utilized as a powerized “power shake” prior to workout, or as a “restoration” or “upkeep” shake straight away after workout. It may also be taken straight away prior to going to mattress at night time to assist Building up the anabolic force. Upload one serving (2 scoops) into a pitcher and Upload 8 fl. ouncesof water, milk, or juice of selection. Stir neatly and experience. For a thicker and extra nutritious shake, Upload fruit (banana, orange, berry, and so forth.) in a blender, Upload milk, or yogurt, mix for 30 seconds, after which Upload RRR and mix for some other 30 seconds. Instantized Proteins combine with ease on your favourite beverage. INTERPHASE does NOT include any Synthetic Sweeteners or substitutes comparable to Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Aspartame, Top-Fructose Corn Syrup and Neotame.
Rebuild, Restore & Save you Catabolism
Save you Behind schedule Onset of Muscle Pain
Building up Tension Tolerance
Reinforce Fats Burning
Building up Muscular Potential & Staying power

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