Dr. Schulze’s | Intestinal Formula #2 | Herbal Colon Cleanse Formula | Natural Detox Powder| Dietary Supplement | Remove Excess Waste, Poisons & Build-Up | Gastroenteric Vacuum | 8 Oz. Jar

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Helps cleanse and draw out old fecal matter, toxins, poisons, bacteria and drug residues for better digestion
Strong anti-inflammatory and soothing agent to ease the “going” by softening old, dried and hardened fecal waste
Organic, wild-harvested and made with herbal, natural ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. No animal products or synthetics.

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Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal System #2 colon purifier is a Herbal, efficient resolution for taking away pollution and poisons out of your bowel whilst bettering digestion and inspiring weight reduction.

It comprises 3 of probably the most robust and efficient absorbers and neutralizers – clay, charcoal and pectin – to lend a hand reinforce a wholesome bowel.

– Bentonite Clay absorbs as much as 40 instances its weight in fecal topic and waste whilst serving to smother and draw out intestinal parasites
– Activated Willow Charcoal is an outstanding soaking up agent for pollution, poisons and over 3,000 identified drug residues, pesticides, pesticides and different damaging chemicals
– Apple Pectin Is helping draw out damaging intestinal substances

These foods, at the side of Marshmallow Root, Psyllium Seed and Flax Seed, make our distinctive System mucilaginous – that means it’ll take a seat to your bowel to lend a hand soak and melt antique and hardened fecal topic for a whole detox and cleanse.

Many of our consumers are surprised by means of the volume of waste that they may be able to lend a hand do away with with this robust System. Order your Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal System #2 Colon Cleanse Herbal Detox as of late and revel in the variation a blank colon could make.
Is helping cleanse and draw out antique fecal topic, pollution, poisons, micro organism and drug residues for higher digestion
Sturdy anti inflammatory and soothing agent to ease the “going” by means of softening antique, dried and hardened fecal waste
Natural, wild-harvested and made with natural, Herbal foods to reinforce a wholesome way of life. No animal merchandise or synthetics.
Very good treatment for meals poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, colitis, and diverticulitis diarrhea
Instructed use after getting used Intestinal System #1 and are having common bowel actions

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