Finish Line E-Shift Electronic Groupset Cleaner Aerosol Price: $9.99 (as of 09/07/2020 18:09 PST- Details)

Safe for all electronic shifting systems and components
Powerful active degreasing and cleaning agents
Quick dry formulation rinses away grime and leaves no residue

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E-Shift Team set Purifier is some other business first from End Line: a degreaser designed particularly to be used with Digital groupsets.Digital moving is the following evolution in bicycle drivetrains and items distinctive demanding situations in terms of repairs. As a result of delicate elements, electronics and wires, competently cleansing and degreasing elements is extra vital than ever. Way to its distinctive formula, E-Shift Team set Purifier can temporarily and competently take away grit, dust and moisture from any Digital Team set. With E-Shift there’s no wish to fear approximately harmful wires or derailleurs. As a result of its state-of-the-art formula, E-Shift temporarily evaporates with out leaving a residue at the back of, because of this there’s no want for water rinsing. Portions are left totally blank and dry in mins’-Shift Team set Purifier protects your Team set funding, prevents untimely put on and assists in keeping it operating at height efficiency.
Protected for all Digital moving techniques and elements
Tough lively degreasing and cleansing marketers
Fast dry formula rinses away dust and leaves no residue
Robust: eliminates even the stickiest, gooiest, grittiest dust
No water rinsing required – dries blank, leaving no residue

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