Finish Line Speed Bike Degreaser

Volume: [aerosol] 17 oz
Recommended Use: speed cleaning your drivetrain

A gummed-up drivetrain is a gradual drivetrain. End Line’s Pace Motorcycle Degreaser makes use of an impressive solvent to briefly dispose of grease, dirt,and different natural parts out of your Motorcycle, with out scrubbing. It leaves no residue and does not use water in order that there is not any rinsing required. Extra spectacular, it dries so speedy you are able to re-follow lube to the chain and cassette in no time so you’ll be able to be again out using –speedy. The End Line Pace Motorcycle Degreaser is available in a 17oz can with mechanical agitation for extra cleansing energy.
Extent: [aerosol] 17 oz.
Really helpful Use: Pace cleansing your drivetrain

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