LeKuni Women’s Men’s Barefoot Water Shoes Quick Drying Aqua Shoes for Swimming Pool Beach Yoga Gym Sports

Water shoe
Revel in|Enjoy|Revel in} odd|extraordinary|unusual|peculiar|peculiar|odd|odd|ordinary|ordinary} feeling of flowing water passing concept|concept|idea} your foot with out|with out}}
hurting your foot by means of|thru|by the use of|by the use of|by the use of} asymmetric|uneven} rocks whilst|concurrently|even as|whilst} you might be|you might be|you may well be} strolling|walking}.
Tremendous|Tremendous}} simple|easy} to position|to put|to put} on and take off
Tremendous|Tremendous}} breathable to keep away from|keep away from|avoid} sweating of your foot in summer time|summer time|summer time} time
Tremendous|Tremendous}} Light-weight|Light-weight}}, drain well|neatly|correctly|successfully}, dry quickly
At ease|Comfortable|Comfy|Comfy} have compatibility|are compatible|fit}, put on|placed on} all day with out|with out}} feeling bad|unhealthy|bad|negative}.

Dimension|Size|Dimension}} Information|Knowledge|Knowledge}:
No longer|No longer|No longer}} all footwear|footwear|footwear}’ Dimension|Size|Dimension}} are usual|standard|same old}; alternatively|however|however|on the other hand}, each|every|each and every} shoe Dimension|Size|Dimension}} has corresponding foot
length. Sooner than|Quicker than|Beforehand of|Previous to|In advance than} your acquire|gain}, please kingly take a second|2d} to Degree|Level} your foot period|period|period}}.

1, Tape a work|a piece} of paper all the way down to|proper all the way down to}|all of the means all the way down to}} the ground|the bottom}.
2, Position|Place} your foot firmly on best|such a lot smart|Highest} of the piece of paper.
3, Draw the description|the outline} of your foot {all of the|all the|all the} {means|approach|method|manner|way} round|spherical}.
4, Mark the period|period|period}} and width of your foot at the|on the} paper.
5, Degree|Level} the period|period|period}} of your foot.

Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 6 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 4 D(M)US/ EU 36 / Insole period|period|period}}: 237mm / Weight: 0.18kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 7 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 5 D(M)US/ EU 37 / Insole period|period|period}}: 243mm / Weight: 0.18kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 7.5 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 6 D(M)US/ EU 38 / Insole period|period|period}}: 250mm / Weight: 0.18kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 8.5 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 7 D(M)US/ EU 39 / Insole period|period|period}}: 256mm / Weight: 0.18kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 9.5 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 7.5 D(M)US/ EU 40 / Insole period|period|period}}: 263mm / Weight: 0.20kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 10.5 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 8 D(M)US/ EU forty one|41}/ Insole period|period|period}}: 270mm / Weight: 0.20kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 11 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 9 D(M)US/ EU 42 / Insole period|period|period}}: 276mm / Weight: 0.22kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 12 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 10 D(M)US/ EU 43 / Insole period|period|period}}: 283mm / Weight: 0.24kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 13 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 11 D(M)US/ EU 44 / Insole period|period|period}}: 289mm / Weight: 0.24kg
Ladies|Women|Ladies}} 14 B(M)US/ Males|Males}} 12 D(M)US/ EU 45 / Insole period|period|period}}: 295mm / Weight: 0.26kg
Subject matter|Material|Matter Subject matter}}: Material|Subject matter}|Material} higher|higher}}
Breathable: Tremendous|Tremendous}} breathable mesh higher|higher}} permits|we could in|lets in|permits|allows} your foot to breath.
Holey Sole: The only|The one|The one actual} options|choices} more than one|multiple|a few} holes, No longer|No longer|No longer}} best|such a lot efficient|Highest|best|most straightforward} breathable, but additionally|however as well as|however moreover} permits|we could in|lets in|permits|allows} water to move|transfer|move|move} concept|concept|idea} The only|The one|The one actual}. Best possible|Highest|Best|Highest imaginable|Highest|Absolute best|Very best} shoe for river mountain climbing|mountain climbing|hiking|mountain hiking} and seashore|beach|seashore} time in summer time|summer time|summer time}.
Tremendous|Tremendous}} Light-weight|Light-weight}}: Weight: 0.2kg/zero|0}.44lbs, instance|example} Dimension|Size|Dimension}}: 41
Nice|Great} Carrier|Service|Supplier} Ensure|Make certain}: If you’re|In case you are|In case you are} unhappy|unsatisfied} with our shoe, you’ll|you are able to|you’ll be able to} go back|return} the shoe every time|each} time|each and every time}, when you have|if in case you have|when you have|in case you have|if when you have|if in case you have} bother|trouble|trouble} opting for|choosing} your shoe Dimension|Size|Dimension}}, please be happy|be happy|be happy} to touch|contact} customer support|consumer fortify}.

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