LONKER Bike Bottom Bracket Removal Remover Tool/Bicycle Crankset Puller Mountain Bike Crank Disassembly Tool for Bicycle Crank Tool Hand Cycle Puller Bike Tool

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Bicycle Crank Tool hand cycle for Crank Puller Bike Tool bicycle crank puller
Bikehand Bikehand Bike Bicycle Bottom Bracket Removal Remover Tool
Bicycle Crank Tool Bicycle Tool Crank Puller Bike Tool Puller Bike Tool

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characteristic: The Motorbike crank jacquard Backside bracket disassembly unloading Software is a certified, sensible Motorbike restore Software package that features a crank extractor, a Backside bracket holder. Usual dimension, Appropriate for any 20 tooth splined kind Backside bracket, normally the sort used for any bike
Subject material: prime carbon metal, sturdy, dependable high quality, is not going to harm BB teeth
The crank extractor is used to take away the sq. crank arm, all you wish to have is a five/eight or 16mm wrench or simplest adjustable wrench, and the ground bracket remover Can be utilized with a 24mm socket, wrench or adjustable wrench.
Bicycle Crank Software hand cycle for Crank Puller Motorbike Software bicycle crank puller
Bikehand Bikehand Motorbike Bicycle Backside Bracket Elimination Remover Software
Bicycle Crank Software Bicycle Software Crank Puller Motorbike Software Puller Motorbike Software
Appropriate for any 20 tooth splinted kind Backside bracket. Can be utilized with both a 24mm socket, wrench or an adjustable spanner
Package deal Integrated: 1 * Motorbike Crank Extractor Puller, 1 * Motorbike Backside Bracket Remover Elimination Software

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