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100% Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and free from Chemical additives.
It is an excellent source for vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It can help with Malnutrition.
Rich source of Vitamin A, C and E as well as Calcium, Potassium and Protein.

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Botanical Identify: Moringa Oleifera | Different Identify: Drumstick
Merlion Herbal’s advantageous inexperienced Natural Moringa leaves powder incorporates minerals, nutrients and amino acids which lend a hand to give protection to frame cells. Moringa is referred to as “Miracle Tree”, nearly all a part of the moringa is used for medicinal goal. Moringa leaf is referred to as a supply of {nutrients|nutrition} and It’s used for well being beverages. Moringa additionally has Probably the most best antioxidant contents of any Meals. With an ORAC price of 157,000, it has 6x the antioxidants of goji berries and similar ranges to the antioxidant powerhouse matcha.
Probably the most best possible moringa advantages is its tremendous immune-boosting powers. Keeping up a wholesome immune device is very important for serving to our our bodies stave off infections and sicknesses. Moringa oleifera leaves are nearly 25% protein, that’s strangely top for a plant. The top protein content material of moringa makes it in particular really useful for vegans and vegetarians who can combat to get a enough protein provide.
It additionally incorporates round 24% fiber which will lend a hand beef up a wholesome digestive device and bowel regularity. Moreover, Moringa Leaf Powder acts as Anti-Pressure, is helping with Imaginative and prescient, helps wholesome bones and Improves power degree of the frame.

Merlion Herbal’s Natural Moringa Leaves Powder is made by way of drying Moringa leaves within the shed after which grinding dried leaves to an exceptional powder. The product is processed at ISO & USSA NOP Certifed processing facility after which packed in Meals grade shopper packs underneath hygienic atmosphere. At Merlion Herbal’s we make sure that simplest recent batches of goods are packed.
one hundred% Natural, Non GMO, Gluten Loose, Vegan and Loose from Chemical components.
It is a wonderful supply for nutrients, minerals and amino acids. It might lend a hand with Malnutrition.
Wealthy supply of Diet A, C and E in addition to Calcium, Potassium and Protein.
Very good multi function Dietary complement. A Robust immunity booster and supreme vegetarian supply of Protein and fiber.
The Merlion Naturals Ensure : All of our merchandise are comes with one hundred% Pleasure Ensure. In case you aren’t happy with our product, We will be able to settle for returns and refund for similar.

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