Muc Off Dry Chain Lube

Material: wax-based formula with PTFE additives
Volume: 50ml (1.7oz), 120ml (4.1oz)
Recommended Use: bike maintenance

The Dry Chain Lube by means of Muc-Off prevents corrosion and untimely put on with its wax-primarily based system with PTFE components for diminished friction and effort intake. It is designed to deeply penetrate into your motorbike chain, offering even protection with its spray-on applicator. No longer handiest does it save you extra put on and reduce friction, nevertheless it does not draw in grime and dirt when you are using on gritty roads and dusty trails. Dry Chain Lube is perfect for highway, mountain, and go motorcycles, making sure durability of your drivetrain and smoother using efficiency.
Subject material: wax-primarily based system with PTFE components
Extent: 50ml (1.7oz), 120ml (four.1oz)
Beneficial Use: motorbike repairs

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