Muc Off Nanotube Chain Lube Price: $64.97 (as of 17/10/2019 10:53 PST- Details)

Volume: 50ml
Recommended Use: road cycling

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Stay your Muc-Off Nanotube Chain in its top situation with Nanotube Chain Lube. This extremely-prime efficiency lube, advanced thru intensive R&D, is identical lube used to regard the quickest chain in the marketplace. It is now to be had to re-deal with your chain extending its efficiency features particularly if It is been subjected to inclement climate. Muc-Off claims the lube will permit a series to stick inside of 1-2 watts of a brand spanking new Nanotube handled chain. This components is the head of bicycle chain lube efficiency and is designed to Stay friction as little as conceivable, easiest when you find yourself chasing marginal profits.
Extent: 50ml
Beneficial Use: highway biking

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