Orange Seal Sealant with Twist Lock Injection System Price: $7.96 (as of 21/10/2019 11:55 PST- Details)

Material: latex
Includes: Twist Lock
Recommended Use: tire sealing

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Nanites are debris of more than one dimensions and shapes present in Orange Seal’s Sealant, to be had right here with the Twist Lock Injection Machine. While a tire’s casing is compromised, the ones nanites temporarily fill any holes, as much as a 1/four-inch in diameter, preserving the air in and also you rolling. Even as the nanites do the clogging, latex does the sealing, and either one of those meals are planet pleasant and biodegradable. As a result of Orange Seal is for the bicycle owner via the bicycle owner, weight used to be an enormous attention While creating the mix. Because of this, Orange Seal can boast that 4oz weighs not up to 120 grams. Orange Seal Sealant with Twist Lock Injection Machine is available in four- and eight-ozsizes, with the latter being sufficient for 2 mountain tires.
Subject matter: latex
Comprises: Twist Lock
Beneficial Use: tire sealing

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