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Volume: 16 fl oz
Recommended Use: lubing chains

Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold Lube is the center kid in their 3 chain lubes. It is not as thick because the Excessive and now not as skinny because the Absolute Dry. It is just right for each mountain cycling in addition to prime-efficiency highway using. The oldsters at Rock ‘n’ Roll say this one provides the most efficient chain efficiency on the subject of making your transferring quicker. Gold lube makes a geared motorcycle really feel like a set-equipment; the motion is that easy. Just like the Excessive, the Gold has a gel membrane suspended within the fluid. The membrane seeps deep into the rollers and remains there, maintaining the steel portions flexing, transferring easily, transferring crisply, and doing the whole lot quietly.Rock ‘n’ Roll lube cleans and lubes at the comparable time. Dribble it on through hanging the motorcycle in its greatest equipment and back down. Drip from the highest over the chainring or cog. Wipe off the surplus. Shift to the small ring in entrance to wipe off the large ring. Wipe till the chain shines. You’ll be able to experience very quickly, however letting the surplus evaporate for a couple of hours or in a single day is absolute best. Rock ‘n’ Roll recommends now not re-lubing till you listen squeaking. When you’ve got a couple of Rock ‘n’ Roll lube for your software chest, You’ll be able to positioned at the thicker formulations whilst It is rainy after which observe the thinner whilst its dry and also you wouldn’t have to degrease in among.Rock ‘n’ Roll Gold Lube is available in a 16oz. bottle and will have to final you for {several|a couple of|a number of} seasons.Please Observe: Consistent with UPS laws, ORM-D pieces similar to this will have to send by means of floor delivery: UPS Flooring or UPS Same old (Canada). We’re not able to send ORM-D pieces Across the world, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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  • Material:
  • Volume: 16 fl oz
  • Recommended Use: lubing chains
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Extent: 16 fl oz.
Really useful Use: lubing chains

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