Runaway Bike PTFE Powder (Teflon), 1.5 oz Price: $15.95 (as of 21/10/2019 11:55 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Powdered lubricant, a superior friction-fighting agent
Includes free applicator brush
100% PTFE Powder. No other additives

Usually ships in 24 hours

Blank, white, non-staining. micro-powdered PTFE Powder. (Polytetrafluoroethylene, Common Teflon.) Cut back friction and combat put on. Merely “mud” the powder over already implemented oil or grease or combine earlier than making use of. Is not going to draw in and grasp mud and dust like “rainy” lubricants. Including PTFE to any lubricant will building up that lubricant’s lubricity. Highest for any space wanting lubrication the place a non-staining prime efficiency lubricating powder is your only option: Motorcycle Chains, Musical Tools (Together with Grand Piano Knuckles), Electrical Razors, Zippers. Drawer hinges and drawer slides, Lawn Gear, Small equipment units, toys, fashion trains. and race automobiles. Limitless Makes use of. The rest with shifting portions. A perfect addition to our Runaway Motorcycle HOT TUB Motorcycle chain lubricant. Merely “mud” the powder over the nonetheless-heat HOT TUB handled chain. PTFE is the discern chemical of “Teflon” that is registered trademark of Dupont Chemical substances. Comes with unfastened applicator brush. (NOTE: A few current stock nonetheless would possibly not come with brushes… if you do not obtain one, shoot us an e-mail and we will get one to you very quickly!)
Powdered lubricant, a fantastic friction-combating agent
Comprises unfastened applicator brush
one hundred% PTFE Powder. No different components
Nice for locks, Motorcycle parts, musical Tools, and extra
PTFE is the discern chemical of “Teflon” that is registered trademark of Dupont Chemical substances
Does not “cake up” like graphite

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