Slime Self-Healing 16 x 1.75-2.125 Bicycle Tube Price: $10.29 (as of 09/07/2020 18:30 PST- Details)

Pre-installed with Slime Sealant to provide maximum puncture protection and prevent flat tires on your bike
Instantly and repeatedly seals tire punctures for up to 2 years
Valve type: Schrader

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Pre-put in with Slime Sealant to supply most puncture coverage and save you flat tires to your motorcycle
Straight away and many times seals tire punctures for as much as 2 years
Valve kind: Schrader
Suits tires: sixteen” x 1.seventy five-2.a hundred twenty five”
Designed to seal tread house punctures as much as 1/eight″ (3mm) in measurement

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