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Designed especially for C-section recovery by a C-section mom and medical team. Recommended by OB/GYNs
Targeted medical grade compression slims post baby belly, reduces discomfort, and helps speed
Patented, built in 100% silicone panel minimizes scarring, reduces irritation, and protects incision area while helping to banish that incision bulge

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The Simplest All-In-One Resolution For C-segment Recovery

With C-Panty, no longer Simplest will you glance excellent; you can really feel excellent, too, as you recuperate in convenience. That is as a result of C-Panty is the one patented postpartum undergarment that gives the whole thing you want for C-segment restoration. Made only for C-segment moms, C-Panty supplies a clinically decided secure stage of compression to assist your frame go back to its pre-being pregnant form quicker. It additionally is helping you keep comfy as you recuperate, whether or not you are going again to paintings, chasing after youngsters, or simply playing your new child.

C-Panty has a Clinical-grade silicone panel that minimizes scarring, is helping cut back itchiness and redness, and protects the subtle incision house.* The silicone is sturdy, washer-friendly, and integrated into the panty … so that you do not have to bother with scar gel or scar gel pads. C-Panty additionally is helping to cut back swelling, helps weakened Muscle groups, and banishes that incision bulge.* No hooks, straps, or Velcro.┬« Simply pull it on and move!

How C-Panty Works

C-sections moms have explicit restoration problems that others do not revel in. Bloating and put up-surgical swelling is somewhat not unusual. Muscle groups are weakened from being pregnant and surgical procedure. Motion will also be uncomfortable; coughing, guffawing, or even protecting the infant can result in ache. The incision house will also be delicate, annoyed, and pink. A few moms additionally strengthen a C-segment “bulge” or “shelf” across the incision house {as a result of of|due to} the surplus fluids their our bodies keep after surgical procedure.

C-Panty addresses most of these C-segment problems in techniques with Compression and Clinical Grade Silicone. Compression is helping swelling and inhibit over the top scar tissue formation. The integrated silicone is strictly situated over your C-segment incision to offer skilled Clinical grade scar remedy.

Designed particularly for C-segment restoration by means of a C-segment mother and Clinical group. Really helpful by means of OB/GYNs
Centered Clinical grade compression slims put up child stomach, reduces pain, and is helping velocity
Patented, inbuilt one hundred% silicone panel minimizes scarring, reduces inflammation, and protects incision house whilst serving to to banish that incision bulge
No uncomfortable binding waistband throughout your center and no hooks, bands or Velcro®. Extra comfy than a csection binder.
Pull on and move c-segment lingerie for more straightforward mobility. C-Panty will also be worn straight away put up C-segment for as much as 12 months. Feels nice below postpartum pajamas. PACKAGING MAY VARY.

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