WATINC Random 3Pcs Jumbo Starry Squishy, Kawaii Cream Scented for Kid Toy, Lovely Toy,Stress Relief Toy,Decorations Toy Gift Fun

1.Material: Elastic Environmentally PU Foam.
2.Colour: As picture Jumbo Slow Rising Squishies
3.Quantity: 3 Piece Dimension (showed on the picture)

100% modern
Material: Elastic Environmentally PU
Color:As the image
Squishy: Sluggish Emerging Squishies
Pattern: 3Pcs random starry squishies
Kawaii Squishy Lovable & cushy charms for items,collections, decoratns, educating aids

1.Please watch out to not allow your pretty youngsters consume it.
2.The fabric is cushy, too onerous pressed or pulled will harm the product.
3.The product might odor, for you to almost definitely expend in a couple of days.
1.Subject matter: Elastic Environmentally PU Foam.
2.Color: As image Jumbo Sluggish Emerging Squishies
3.Amount: 3 Piece Measurement (confirmed at the image)
4.As a toy, items, charms for mobile phones, collections, decorations, educating aids. Pressure aid toys for giving vent in your emotion.
5.Cream Scented, Lovable & cushy. Top choice for reward.

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