White Lightning Clean Ride – Chain Lube – Squeeze Bottle

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White Lightning Blank Experience units up as a dry wax movie. There is not any oily movie to draw abrasive contaminants, so your chain and gears will carry out higher and final 2 to 3 occasions longer. Blank Experience’s self-cleansing motion is activated through any dust, grit or filth that unearths its manner onto your chain or portions. Small debris of the outer wax construction will flake off, taking the dust, filth or grit with it. This starts the cycle of ‘self-cleansing’. Blank Experience is a singular, wax-primarily based lubricant, so it is very important get started with a Blank chain. For maximum ‘self-cleansing’ efficiency, don’t combine Blank Experience with oil primarily based lubricants. The dirtier the Experience, the extra lively the dropping motion. With the intention to this volume, Blank Experience would require extra widespread re-software after dirtier rides. While Blank Experience is used frequently and correctly, you’ll be able to hardly have to wash your chain once more. So, at the same time as your friends are cleansing their chains, you’ll be able to be making use of a contemporary shot of Blank Experience and heading out for but any other nice Experience!

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